Why are true Australian Multigen Labradoodles so expensive?

Well first of all, True Australian multigen Labradoodles are a specialty breed, bred for great purpose to serve and its amazing coat qualities. Plus we have to pay for many tests: Health, DNA, and genetics from Paw Print. There are also their vaccins, deworming, plus high quality food and supplements. Then the puppies visit the vet, are registered with ALAA and WALA, have a registered microchip, are spayed or neutered and receive high quality food plus they get a start in training. The expense related to health testing, and registrations to control the quality of the bloodlines is what preserves the desirability of the breed. That’s why some breeders choose to simply not health test and buy stock from the cheapest source. If you buy a puppy from parents and lineage that are not health tested, you are risking the life and health of your new precious family member.


Third reason is because of the rarity of Authentic Australian Labradoodle bloodlines, they are not a common breed of dog.

Fourth reason: Also the strict standards that are being upheld by the Australian Labradoodles Association of America (ALAA), the Worldwide Association of Australian Labradoodles (WALA)  and the Australian Labradoodles Club of America (ALCA) in order to maintain the integrity of the breed require rigorous health testing that is extremely expensive.

The standard price or a multigen Australian Labradoodle is from 3000$ and more. Be cautious of breeders selling for much lower prices, as lower prices may mean that they are producing a high volume of puppies cutting corners on health testing, and/or lying about true linage (not registered). Please don’t buy a dog from kijiji, there are good chances you will buy from puppy mills. We do not cut corners in order to sell ”cheap” puppies! Make a smart investment with a responsible and respectable breeder that is registered to the ALAA, WALA and/or ALCA. Do your research, ask any questions.

Being a breeder doesn’t mean making a fortune off selling puppies! It merely mean getting paid to do what we love, while still covering costs to breed only the best and also allowing our program to grow and thrive in a responsible and healthy way. If you can’t afford a quality bred dog I strongly suggest adopting a dog or puppy from your local area shelter or the SPCA.

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