Our history

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During my childhood I really believed that I would become a Veterinarian or take care of the dogs of MIRA which are trained to work with blind people and more today. Sadly I couldn’t make my dream come true because of my strong allergies and asthma. Eight years ago I decided to search on the net if there were dog breeds that were allergy friendly. I had found the Australian Labradoodle and read it story. I was curious, so I approached a good breeder that told me that they were really allergy friendly. IMG_20201127_143800I went to meet her and few of her dogs… I didn’t have any reaction after 2 hours with 8 dogs in her house. I was so happy because I could now become a breeder. I wanted people to discover that wonderful breed in my Province where it is so unknown. At that time I was also studying as a nurse but also doing research about finding good Australian Labradoodles Breeders, reading books about the breed and more. I thought that It would be wonderful to use this breed as therapy dogs with my work. Yes, another goal in mind, to help the ones in need. I have worked one year as a nurse to then realise that it was more important for me to become a breeder and to be all in it. We first went to Vancouver to get our medium female, Leapfrog Flora. Did breeding by insimation, at the beginning, with other breeders from Rhode Island and from Alberta. Then we purchased our first medium male from Caledonia, Ontario, Dreamer’s Holding the Aces. After, there was our standard male from Haydenville, Massachussett Berkshire Hills Stone Ledge Rusty. Our dogs have the perfect place to be happy, with 2 cats and are surrounded by nature because we live in the forest. 

2017-02-17 (7)I started with the help of two very good mentors that I have been admiring for 8 years. I have been to conferences, read good books and also have great veterinarians that I have chosen carefully. I really put my heart into being a good breeder because I want the families, who adopt one of our puppies, to be satisfied with healthy and beautiful dogs. And who will love their personnality. If you decide to adopt an Australian Labradoodle, there won’t be a day that people won’t ask you about the breed. If you decide to bring your dog to obedience classes, you will see how much they want to please you and that they learn really fast.

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