Our Breeding Males:

Bershire Hills Rusty Stone Ledge:

  • ALAA: #086332
  • WALA: #27600                                              Labradoodles des Montagnes
  • Sire: Aussidog Love at First Sight
  • Dam: Berkshire Hills Jewel
  • Color: Red (Rose) bbee
  • Coat: Wavy, almost straight fleece, slow growth, easier grooming needs.
  • Size: 22 inches, 48 pounds (standard size)
  • PRA:Normal (clear)
  • DM:Normal (clear)
  • EIC:Normal (clear)
  • IC:Carrier (not affected)
  • Cardiac:Normal
  • Eyes OFA/CAER:Normal
  • OFA Hips: Ofa Good
  • OFA Elbows: Ofa normal

Rusty comes from Berkshire Hills in Massachussetts. He lives with us and we love him very much. He is so affectionnate, he wants to give, everybody, kisses. He his very sensitive, always wants to please and doesn’t know what nastiness is. He is also our ball of energy and never gets tired of playing outside. He follows me everywhere even without a leash and in the woods. He is always happy. Everywhere he goes, people ask about him and think that he is stunning. His puppies are stunning and exceptionnal.

Rusty as a puppy:

Pedigree Berkshire Hills Rusty Stone Ledge 003

Few of his first litter:



Leapfrog Lucky Clover:

  • ALAA: to comeIMG_20210810_151050
  • WALA: 00064291
  • Sire: Hope Farm’s Kodiak
  • Dam: Leapfrog Lucky Charm
  • Couleur: Brown possibly lavender bbEe
  • Coat: Fleece
  • Taille: Small medium, 25 pounds
  • PRA: Normal (clear by parentage)
  • DM: Normal (clear by parentage)
  • EIC: Normal (clear by parentage)
  • IC: carrier (non-affected)
  • Cardiac: Normal
  • Yeux Ofa/CAER: normal
  • PennHip: 0,54
  • Ofa Elbows: normal

We have been waiting for a breeding male from Hope Farm Kodiak at Leapfrog Labradoodles, in Vancouver, for a long time. I flew to Vancouver and came back with him the same day during the pandemic. That’s how much I wanted him…He was exceptional during all that day and is still up to today. His guardian family has only positive news about him. He lives with his adopting mommy, 2 brothers and his friend Phoenix a Rex cat. He has passed all his testing. We cannot wait to see his puppies in 2022.

Lucky Clover bébé:


Retired Males:


Dreamer’s Holding the Aces:

  • ALAA: #080797  
  • WALA: #31699                                    Hamilton 1
  • Sire: Tango Wool’s Not a Wingman
  • Dam: Dreamer’s Sweet Bella
  • Color: Chocolat bbEe
  • Coat: Wavy Fleece
  • Size: 18 inches, 29 pounds
  • PRA:Normal (clear)
  • DM:Normal (clear)
  • EIC:Normal (clear)
  • IC:Normal (clear)
  • Cardiac:Normal
  • Eyes OFA/CAER:Normal
  • OFA Hips: Good
  • OFA Elbows: Normal




Sprucetree Rocky Boston


  • ALAA: #101570
  • WALA: #00063274
  • Sire: Van Isle’s Burnt Sugar
  • Dam: Canadian Doodle’s Ava
  • Color: Brown tricolor bbEE
  • Coat: Wavy fleece
  • Size: Medium, 19 inches, 37 pounds
  • PRA: Normal (clear)
  • DM: Normal (clear)
  • EIC: Normal (clear)
  • IC: Normal (clear)
  • VW: Normal (clear)
  • Cardiac: Normal
  • Ofa eyes/CAER: Ofa normal
  • PennHip: 0,46
  • Ofa hips: Ofa Good
  • Ofa elbows: Normal


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