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Winter 2021

Montagnes Laurentiennes Daisie X Berkshire Rusty Stone Ledge

20180809_122207Rusty 1

Sorry, this litter is all booked.

Their litter is exceptional as Daisie is sweet, very intelligent, athletic and maternal with her puppies and Rusty is so loyal and sensitive even if he has a good energy level. They will be medium or big medium in gold, apricot and red.

Laurentian mountains reserves the right to retain puppies as future breeding prospects

Their puppies:


Spring 2021-Summer 2021

Montagnes Laurentiennes Azalea X Sunset Trail’s Bowie

Labradoodles des MontagnesSunset Trails Bowie

Sorry this litter is all booked

We cannot wait to see their litter. They are both friendly, very intelligent and calm parents. They are also very affectionate dogs. Both have therapy temperament. This litter will be medium size between 25 and 30 pounds approximately. In a range of color in gold, apricot, and red.

Laurentian Mountains reserves the right to retain a puppy as a futur breeding prospect.


Montagnes Laurentiennes Tulipe X male to confirm(litter to confirm also)


Sorry this litter is already sold.

Description coming soon


Litters of fall 2021

Montagnes Laurentiennes Daisie X Sprucetree Rocky Boston (to confirm)


Description coming soon


Montagnes Laurentiennes Saffron Crocus X Sprucetree Rocky Boston(to confirm)


This litter will be confirm after hips/elbows testing and eyes of both. Will be confirm in June.


Litters of Winter 2022

Montagnes Laurentiennes Lily of the Valley X Berkshire Rusty Stone Ledge

LunaRusty 1

Our beautiful Lily of the Valley and Rusty gave us an exceptional litter last winter. Lily of the Valley aka Luna is calm, intelligent, affectionate and love to run freely. She also is crazy for swimming with her guardian family. Rusty is our sensitive boy and is always by my side. He loves to be outside for any activities and running after the ball. He is very loyal. This litter will be a large medium to standard size. Puppies could be in all range of colors.

Laurentian Mountains reserves the right the retain a puppy as a futur breeding prospect.


More litters will be soon announced as we have new dogs in our program.

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