Steps, price and guarantee, and information to adopt a puppy.

We are, now, accepting new application forms for the litters to come in spring and fall 2023. Please note that we will not guarantee anybody which litter or when it would be possible to get a puppy (for our spring litters). It will depends of mother nature, heat cycles, the size of each litter and your place on the waiting list. We will only contact each family when the time will come.

To be officially on our waiting list, we have to approve your application first and then you will have to give a deposit of 500$ that is not refundable (we do take limited reservations). We will give you a receipt.

The delay is oftenly shorter when families are opened to both gender and to all colors but we respect your preferences. We will only have litters between small mediums and large-mediums to standard (between 25 and 50 pounds). We won’t have any minis or standards bigger than 50 pounds.

We will accept visits only at our annual open house for the families that are on our waiting list.

We do not have a list in case of cancellation.

We will take few days to look at the applications.

Our adoption fee is 3200.00$ plus taxes. A 500.00$ deposit necessary to hold your place on our waiting list, which is not refundable. But first you need to fill our application form. We cannot hold any puppy without an approved application, then you will have to give your deposit for you to be officially on our waiting list.We have the right to cancel your reservation if we don’t feel confortable selling you a puppy through the process, the evaluation and in any circumstance where there is no more trust between the breeder and the client. And this is from day one to the day before the puppy leaves in his family.
We take very seriously our breeding program. The puppies comes from a line of well selected parents with premium quality DNA, pedigree and health certificat. They are the best quality Australian Labradoodles. We offer the best quality of life with an environment surrounded by nature, in a big fenced yard. They are fed with the best food and supplements. We make sure they receive a complete and well balanced diet. We strive to produce puppies that will live a long and happy life with their adopted family

  • 3 years health guarantee against genetic illnesses. This guarantee covers the veterinarian fees (up to the full purchase price of the puppy) for any genetic or hereditary illness or a replacement puppy.
  • Registration with ALAA and WALA
  • First vaccins and deworming.
  • Microchip and ID number.
  • Spay or neuter.
  • Veterinary certificate of health.
  • Early socialization and training (stimulating environment, and introduction to potty training, crate training).
  • Allergy friendly fleece coat.
  • A puppy package.
  • Delivery to two hours drive from St-Sauveur.
  • A lifetime support from us.

We don’t place our puppies in families where there are children under the age of 6.
We don’t place our puppies with people who intend to use a prong or choke collar.
If a client for any reason is unable to take good care for their Australian Labradoodle, we will gladly take the dog back and/or assist with rehoming. We stand by our puppies.

What you can expect from us:

We will contact you throughout pregnancy and immediately following the birth of your puppy.
We will provide weekly updates and pictures. We want you to be a part of the entire process.
We will choose your puppy based on temperament, special needs, environment, and your lifestyle at the age of  7 weeks of age. We will try to satisfy your preferences but temperament is a priority.
We will match you the perfect puppy. At that time we will send a picture of your new baby. This is a lifelong commitment, that we take very seriously. Not only do we want to make sure we provide the perfect family to each puppy, but we want to send you home with the puppy of your dreams! Temperament is our first consideration. 
We will be here for you for the life of your new family member.

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