Is this breed the right dog for me?


Few questions to ask yourself:

1-Am I willing and do I have the time to train my new puppy a few times a week for at least the first twelve months?

2-If I’m inexperienced or run into a problem that I can’t solve in my dog’s best interests, am I prepared to engage the help of a professional dog trainer?

3-Do I have the time to brush my dog’s coat once a week and if not, do I have the resources to employ a professional groomer every two or three months?

4-Will my dog’s constant companionship be irritating to me?

5-Am I prepared to accept my dog as a part of my family rather than an outside pet left to its own devices?

6-Will I be able to accept, with humour, my dog’s occasional displays of mischief, while administering firm guidelines or his behaviour?

7-Am I willing and capable to bring my dog at the Veterinarian for annual vaccins and deworming? And to take health insurances for my dog in case of a health issue that needs medical treatments or am I ready to invest in Veterinarian services if any health problem occurs.


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